She guides my hand between her legs and hovers there.

In circles I feel her soft folds and ridges through my fingerprints.

Slowly my body slides down as digits penetrate.

Her hand rests on my head her warm thigh on my cheek the sudden sharp taste of her on my tongue.

I Want

So Wet

Flash of anger in her eyes
Impatient to get her way
She’ll want to put up a fight
In this mood endless appetite
No fun in conceding
Not what she wants
Slowly start to kiss her
Neck, flushed cheek
I feel the bite of nails
As she relaxes
Digs in
Leaves her mark
Sore morning

Every nerve on fire

The heat of the fight still lingered
Even though they reconciled
He still felt the adrenalin
Caress a kiss lingers
Pulls her in close
Her nails bite
Teeth pinch
They fuck